iceland (aka wijsland): my recommendations


wow, what a trip! great country, great travel buddies. just great.

i had very high expectations for this trip and i was not disappointed! iceland has such great nature. everywhere you look is really beautiful, peaceful and mostly untouched. and the variation in landscape is just amazing. the pictures i took really don’t do it justice. that’s why you’ll have to go and discover it for yourself ;-)


yes, iceland is pretty expensive. i was travelling with 3 friends, so that makes renting a car and housing a lot cheaper. i’ve listed our expenses below so you can get an idea of what it might cost you. prices are per person, per night/day.

  • housing: €40
    (we stayed in guest houses, hostels & airbnb places)
  • car rental: €24
    (blue car rental. definitely recommend them.)
  • gasoline: €6
  • food & beverages: €20
    (we mostly did groceries and cooked ourselves. think we ate out 4 or 5 times in total. we didn’t drink a lot of alcohol, so that helps too.)
  • miscellaneous: €5
    (shuttle to the airport, trains in belgium, tol road, etc.)

what to do

i’ve compiled a list of the things we did; what i liked (yellow pins) and what i think you could possibly skip (grey pins). we spent 9 days in iceland, so we definitely didn’t see everything but it’s a decent amount of time to explore the country. though 2 weeks might be more comfortable. and 3 weeks would be good if you also explore the western fjords (which we didn’t).

we decided what to see based on pinterest lists we each had, a lonely planet guide and just random things we saw along the road. in my opinion, it was a pretty good combo of touristy things and less explored/know sights.

each pin has some more explanation about what it is, so be sure to open up the full map and just click on every pin.




  1. This article makes me even more want to visit Iceland. Thanks! It’s also cool to see your expenses.
    Unfortunately, the Pinterest map doesn’t work here (Firefox 41.0.1) :(
    Would love to read about future travels!
    Cheers, Albi