You can reach me when I want to be reached …

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say that we’ve never had so many things distracting us from our own life. These distractions not only interrupt important moments (like lunch with friends) but they also put us under stress.

There’s really a simple solution for this. Though it might seem a bit radical to some and impossible to others:

have you ever thought about putting your phone on ‘silent mode’ … permanently?

Now, before you start screaming at me, just hear me out :-)

Putting you phone on silent mode doesn’t mean you can’t look at it anymore. You can still look, when you decide it’s time.

It won’t prevent you from missing anything important (people who need to reach will send a message, record a voicemail, or track you down ;-)

But it will allow you to finish lunch with your friend without colleagues harassing you about something that can be dealt with later.

So the idea is not to be unreachable, but to be reachable when you allow it.