Singing in the rain?

Oh boy, waking up at 7am, it’s been a while … As usual, it took me about an hour to get ready so I could leave at 8am. And again, I had my Starbucks breakfast on the metro.

When I arrived at Plaza Cataluna (Plaza Catalunya) I couldn’t find the mini-van for my tour, so I walked and walked in the rain and then finally found them at the other side of the plaza :s Apparently the rain in Barcelona is quite toxic, since as soon as I sat down I started getting a horrible rash on my legs (I was wearing shorts). Other than that, it was very cosy in the mini-van, with the rain outside … There were 3 ladies from Alabama and a couple form London who previously lived in London and Holland and Austria and now lived in Barcelona.The first stop on this trip was a visit to an old Roman aquaduct. It was very impressive and I wanted to go walk on it, but the other people wanted to get back to the van … Next stop was Tarragona; an old Roman village which had an amphitheater and underground corridors. One of the ladies from Alabama said that it was amazing that these structures had been here for more than 2000 years and that it would probably survive a plane flying into it :D

After visiting the museum, I walked around in the narrow streets and had lunch in one of the bars. Took a quick picture of the amphitheater and went back into the museum to hide from the rain.The next village where we stopped was Roc de Sant Gaieta, which was absolutely stunning. The houses had these little patio’s with flowers and plants. Very nice!

Then, last stop on the trip was Sitges, know for it’s beautiful beaches. And they indeed looked very beautiful from underneath my umbrella … I walked around the city with the couple from London and we watched the many floral sculptures on the ground. After dinner, we walked some more and finally ended up in a bar with the whole group to have a final drink.

On the way back to Barcelona, I suddenly realized that I had forgotten my umbrella in the bar! But it was cosy, sitting in the mini-van with a slightly tipsy driver (although I have been told I’m not good at telling when people are tipsy) and the rain outside.

When we said goodbye on the Plaza de Cataluna, I suddenly remembered what the fun in traveling alone is; meeting new people! Although it still would have been nice to have someone from home with me.

Back at the hostel I fell asleep again …