Almost home!

Yes indeed, this Saturday I will be back in Belgium! Home sweet home! Aren’t you all happy about that? :DIt’s really starting to feel like my time here in Madrid is coming to an end:

  • at Just Landed I’ve been asked to explain my daily tasks to the new intern (I feel like they’re replacing me!);
  • I’m planning my goodbye party for Friday;
  • I think I might take my suitcase out of the closet and start putting some stuff in there;
  • and today I’ve planned my last big shopping trip (clothes in Spain really are cheaper than Belgium …);
  • Oh, and I handed in my internship report on Friday!!

I’m also starting to think about my life in Belgium again:

  • I already have a family thing on Sunday afternoon (my grandmother’s birthday!);
  • will go to Gent on Monday to find a ‘kot’ for next school year (yes, I have decided to keep on studying);
  • I will probably go to Delft and Rotterdam one more time;
  • I have a Spanish fiesta to plan of course;
  • etc.

But right now, I’m going to watch an other Diggnation episode and then I’m off to go shopping!