Back in Madrid (again)

Yes, I have been in Madrid since Sunday night. I arrived at my apartment around 1am and had lots of things to do, so I only went to bed at 4am …

So what else did I do in Sevilla? Let’s see. On Saturday I visited Cordoba with Elisa; we walked around the beautiful city, visited the Alcazar, the Cathedral, etc. Apparently, that day was the feria de Cordoba; it’s kind of like a big, big kermis. A lot of women where dressed in Flamenco clothing, there were horses, rides to go on and lots of opportunities to drink! According to Elisa it wasn’t much compared to the feria de Sevilla, so we didn’t stay long. Around 16h it started raining, so we ran to the train station and went home. Of course in Sevilla the weather was beautiful! We decided to go shopping in Factory, which is an Outlet Center, and I bought a new pants and a nice shirt!

When we came back to El Viso there was apparently a bicycle race going on so there were lots op people on the street and music everywhere!

The next day we woke up around 11h, had breakfast, had lunch and then left for Sevilla again to see la Catedral de Sevilla and la Giralda, which had an amazing view of the city!

Then it was time to go to the bus station and wave goodbye … I had an amazing time and hope Elisa can come visit me in Belgium soon!