Well, I have been in Finland since Saturday and have been enjoying every minute! Well, maybe not every minute, but still … I like it here (except for the cold of course).

So on Saturday I woke up at 3.30 am, my dad drove me to the airport and I boarded a plane to Munich, where I waited for 2 hours and boarded another plane to Helsinki. There I took a bus to Pori and finally ‘reunited’ with Leena at 7.30pm ;) Though it feels as if we have seen each other every day since I left Rotterdam!

My first introduction to Pori was a nightly one (yes, total darkness comes at 6pm here), so I didn’t get a good look at it. Seemed like a nice city (though nothing can compare to Gent!)

On Sunday we just chilled in Pori because the weather was really bad. Then, on Monday, Leena’s mom came to pick us up and we went the her hometown, Kokemäki. I really liked it a lot, it was ‘rural’; they have a river flowing behind their house and a forest on the side of it! Here I also experienced spaghetti sauce made of moose-meat and ‘Kiisseli‘.

Finland - travel -

On Tuesday we returned to Pori, where we walked around, visited a light show and went to dinner in a Mexican restaurant. Oh … I also ate a frog:

Finland - travel -