Just Launched

After my failed shopping trip on Wednesday, I decided to make an other go for it yesterday. And it was partly succesful: I bought a pair of flip flops (almost identical to the ones I have now, but in white). I also had a Granizado de Pina (a kind of icy drink made of pineaple) in the ‘nice’ sun. And I say nice, because since my arrival, the temperatures have dropped about 5 degrees, so it’s not as hot as I was expecting and hoping for …

In the evening, the whole office went to celebrate the launch of the new Just Landed Community. They have been working really hard on it and deserved a nice evening. And since I have perfect timing, I could join them :D

Just Launched - travel -

We went out for bowling first and had an Asian dinner afterwards. Bowling was fun, although it’s been too long since I’ve played and so I was a bit off from the perfect score I usually get ;) And everyone else sort of sucked as well, but we all had fun.

Dinner was good, but confusing; I’m already confused about the Spanish system of eating, but being in an Asian restaurant in Spain where everything on the menu is either in Spanish or Chinese/Japanese was a really strange experience.

Afterwards, we decided to go to a salsa club, but since Morgan was wearing shorts, we weren’t allowed to go in, so just went home to sleep.