Put your electric kettle to good use

One of the basic principles in my journey to minimalism is to buy or use things that are multifunctional. So in this series I’ll be showing you the everyday items I use in ways that you might not expect. Why? because it’s good for your budget and it saves space in your home.

Hearing about minimalism generally doesn’t ring any bells regarding electric kettles. So, today we take a look at one of the minimalistic and multifunctional machines, the electric kettle.

Here are 4 things you can use an electric kettle for:

1/ Boil water

This comes as a no brainer, why else would anyone buy an electric kettle. But it is worth noting that electric kettles take less time to heat the water and hence, consume less energy (everybody wants to be energy efficient these days). Warm water helps in digestion, blood circulation, and improves metabolism. A healthy tip: juice a lemon in warm water, drink every morning for an instant boost of metabolism.

2/ Water your plants

Put your electric kettle to good use - to-good-use, around-the-house -If you’re working on your own urban garden like me, then watering your plants is essential. You could buy one of those fancy watering cans, but why not just use your electric kettle? It’s made to contain water and has a perfect pouring spout.

3/ Make a cup of coffee

I don’t drink coffee myself, but if I have guests over that want a cup of coffee, I impress them with my French Press and my electric kettle :-) Whether you need an instant boost in the morning, or if you’re staying up late at night building your own empire, you certainly need a cup of coffee that doesn’t take forever to brew. Electric kettles are a great minimalist way to brew a cup of coffee.

Quick tip: boiling-hot water can scorch the coffee and cause bitterness. The ideal temperature is around 200°, which you can achieve by bringing the water to a boil and then letting it sit one minute.

4/ Quick meals

Put your electric kettle to good use - to-good-use, around-the-house -Boiling water can be used to make a bunch of quick and easy foods. Here are some of the meals you can make if you’re running out of time, or maybe you don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort.

  • It’s no surprise that most of the people make their instant noodles in an electric kettle, who wouldn’t like it when the waiting time is significantly reduced. They keep the noodles warm as well. Now you know an instant-hunger-breaker trick.
  • Don’t let the appetizer distract you from preparing the main dish, or perhaps you want to enjoy a beautiful evening with your loved ones, get your soup cooked in a rather unconventional way using an electric kettle. Add some vegetables with water, and in no time you get a deliciously warm soup.
  • Are you taking a lot of time cooking your instant oatmeals? One sure way to retain the true meaning of their name is to cook them in an electric kettle. Add some water with your oatmeal, and you’re good to go. If you wish to add toppings and stuff, remember not to put it inside the kettle. Just remember, they are called “instant” for a reason.
  • But you can also make couscous: just put some couscous in a bowl, add some spices and cover it with boiling water. Just leave it for a few minutes and your couscous is ready
  • Or how about freeze-dried food? If you’re tired of ramen noodles you can switch it up with freeze-dried beef stew, pad thai noodles or spaghetti. Simply add some boiling water, let it sit for a bit and you have a quick and healthy meal!

While adopting a minimalistic approach, think outside the box to come up with creative ideas. With an electric kettle, anything that comes to your mind, which involves heating of water, you can accomplish that.

What else do you use your kettle for?