Shopping … of course

So after a sleepless night (because of the heat), I got ready and wandered into the office at around 9h30. Said hello to everyone as they walked in and installed my MacBook onto ‘my desk’. Attached the big monitor to it and got to work! It was great seeing everyone again!

Everything felt like it was a couple of months ago except for a few changes: the big boss, Simon, isn’t here (he’s on well deserved holiday), they have a ‘soundsystem’ installed now, lunch happens on top of the roof and there’s a different cleaning lady.

So, lunch on the rooftop now. I had my usual Dr Oetker Mozarella pizza and listened to crazy stories about a Just Landed Zeppelin-office and polls being taken … don’t ask!

After lunch I went to see the Royal Palace, where my holiday officially started! I stood in line for over an hour in the burning sun. Can’t call it a holiday if you haven’t queued in the sun …

Then I needed to do some shopping! Set out to buy a pair of sunglasses and flip flops and ended up with these … Why do I always fall for the same tricks?