The long road to Madrid

I had a very stressy morning. I had of course left all the packing and cleaning for this morning, so I was a bit pressed for time and was just running around the house like crazy! Haven’t figured out yet what things I have forgotten, but I’m sure there’s something that’s missing from my bags!

So at 12h30 I could start my ‘big adventure on public transport’. I drove to my grandmother by bike, said hello and walked to the centre to take the bus to Eeklo. The driver wasn’t very friendly, but I wasn’t going to let him ruin my day ;) You might be wondering why I decided to go to Eeklo first, but trust me, it was the fastest way to Charleroi!

Then I took the train to Gent, where I took an other train to Brussels and then an other one to Charleroi. There, I needed to take an other bus to he airport. When I tried to pay the busdriver, he gave me back my money and told me to just get on the bus … My guess is it has something to do with the strike in Brussel.

I arrived at the airport very early and was able to use the self check-in thingy so I went even faster. Handed over my luggage and went through security. There where no liquids in my carry-on luggage this time ;)

Then it was time to do some duty-free shopping! I just bought some ‘Belgian’ things to hand out in Madrid (if I don’t eat them myself …)

After that I looked for a seat near an electrical plug, sat down, pulled my laptop out of my bag and watched some podcasts (and wrote this part of the blog post …)

So far everything’s going ok: no delays, no cancellations, haven’t been bored yet and there’s only a few more hours to go untill I arrive in sunny Madrid. Although if I can believe the online weatherman it’s going to rain this weekend! Oh well, at least it’ll be warm!

I’m hearing lots of Spanish people here. Can’t wait to start talking Spanish myself!

UPDATE: The announcer just announced that person X had to go to ‘deur 11’/porte 11. You think he might be French?