Why I sleep in my workout gear

Or do I work out in my pyjamas?

Sure, it might seem nice to wear a moisture-wicking, breathable, high-tech fabric tank top when you’re out running. But is that really necessary?

And do you really need a pyjama with teddy bear prints on it?

Leggings are pants too!

I’ve found that simply owning 2 pairs of leggings is all I need. I wear one pair every night to sleep in. And when I go work out, I just wear the same pair. Whenever I need to wash them, I just switch pairs.

I wear these PACT leggings. They’re made from organic cotton (yes, that’s a breathable fabric) and they don’t stretch after washing at all (compared to other leggings I’ve tried).

Added bonus: if you ever feel like walking around in your pyjama all day, you can just tell people it’s your workout gear ;-)


As for t-shirts, I do something even more multifunctional. I have one set of t-shirts (I own 6) which I wear as daywear, I sleep in them AND I also wear them to work-out.

One tip: get t-shirts that are made from viscose. It’s an odour resistant fabric ;-)