Dad Just Landed

First of all, I apologize for the delayed post. I’ve been quite busy lately. But anyway, here is part 1:

OK, I had been waiting all day to go pick up my father from the airport. When it was finally 10pm I ran (literally) down the stairs, on my way to the metro. After about 30 minutes I arrived at the airport and to my surprise his flight was not on any of the 30 screens! I started thinking that he had mistakenly booked a flight to Barcelona or that I was an hour hourly … So I went to an information desk and asked about the flight from Brussels Airlines that was supposed to land at 22h55. So kindly informed me that it was landing in Terminal 4, which was not the terminal where I was standing in!

So I took a bus to Terminal 4 and waited for my darling father to arrive. After about 5 minutes of waiting, the screen finally said that his plane had landed and I received a text message saying: Just Landed … Oh how I’ve missed that humor! I stood there for an other 15 minutes and had seen him at least 5 times (of course it was never actually him). And then when he actually did walk out of the baggage lounge, I gave him a big big hug and was so happy to see him!

Then we headed home. On the metro he told me that he had almost missed his flight to Madrid since he actually came from Oslo (business trip) and that flight was an hour late. Fortunately he was able to make it in time to get on the plane.

When we got to my apartment it was about 1am and well past my bed time!