Dutch people everywhere!

This morning I woke up, had breakfast on the metro and went to Plaza Royal (Placa Reial) to join the Barcelona Vibes free walking tour. To get there, I apparently walked on la Rambla, but didn’t realize it until later. It really wasn’t that nice as everyone says. Maybe that was because it was raining like hell! And because of the §#@$! rain nobody showed up and so there was no tour.

As I was walking around the plaza I passed a few restaurants where people where having breakfast. One of the tables, which had 6 middle aged men sitting at it, suddenly started serenading to me in English as I walked passed and by the sound of their accents I could hear that they were (of course) Dutch! So I walked back to their table and said in the most horrible ‘Asseneeds’ dialect: “Why is it always the Dutch that have to act like total idiots?”. To which they stopped smiling and where a bit embarrased … Now, anyone who knows me already knows that what I just said never happened, but I did shout: “Dutch people?” and they said: “Oh damn, she’s Flemish, she knows us.”So after that experience, I decided to do the Hop-On/Hop-Off tour and thankfully, the rain went away and a beautiful sun came out. I saw the whole city in one day, didn’t get off the bus much except to switch busses and to visit the Sagrada Familia of course! Which was quite impressive, but again just a building. And the whole tour, Dutch people kept following me. Do I have sign on my head that says: “Ik hou van Oranje?”

When I came back from the tour I slept for an hour, actually just fell asleep and went out again at 20h to meet someone I met online. The city looked sooooo much prettier at night! Actually, everything looks prettier when it gets dark, which now makes me feel less bad about the tiny window in my new room ;)

We met some friends of his and went to a bar where we smoked shisha. Don’t worry people, nothing illegal, just a mix of fruit. It was OK, but I don’t get why people would do this, it wasn’t a big addition to my night …

Then it was time to go home since I needed to get up at 7am the next morning for my tour to Tarragona and Sitges.