Last shopping trip

So when I was finally able to drag myself out of bed, I cleaned the house a little, took a shower and headed to the shopping mall.

After a short metro ride, I walked in and it was like I was in a whole new world (like people ware actually speaking a different language … or at least it sounded different). Not much to say about the shopping. Lots of stores, didn’t actually buy much ;)

In the middle of one of the hallways there was a candy stand and I decided to buy some after I went into the next store. But when I walked out, I accidentally stepped into a piece of chewing gum :s so I went to the candy stand to ask if they had something I could use to take it of my shoe. When the lady just said: “no”, I put a mean look on my face and decided not to buy candy after all! So I went to Starbucks to get a ‘proper’ lunch.

Of course, most of the clothes I bought came from … Mango, which is my all time favorite store! They even had this beautiful dress that I tried on, but didn’t buy because I wouldn’t know when to wear it …When I was walking back to the metro, I was listening to some Bryan Adams rock music, had the wind blowing in my hair … I felt like I was in a movie :D And when I looked up I saw some airplanes taking off from the nearby airport. Only 6 more days until I’m in one of those!

Oh, I think Spain is playing football tonight … there were lots of people wearing Spanish shirt and flags on the streets!