May the force be with you

Waking up in Sevilla! It’s not any less difficult than in Madrid, but … I’m in Sevilla! After breakfast we went straight to the car and headed for the centre. Parked the car and walked all around Sevilla.We saw some beautiful gardens and a lot of buildings that I don’t remember the name of. When we were at Plaza de Espana, Elisa told me that a part of Star Wars was shot there! I actually walked on the bridge in this part of the movie!

You’ll have to look at he pictures to find out the other places we went.

At around 18h00 we returned to El Viso del Alcor, went to a great view outside the peublo and had a drive through the peublo. And now Rosario (Elisa’s mom) is making us a delicious tortilla de patatas! Have to go eat now. Bye!