This weekend was a very relax-weekend. I went to El Rastro, sat in Retiro Park and was on the internets, oh and a little bit of shopping as well ;)

Today, I was planning on going to the Prado museum. But when I got there, it appeared to be closed. So I looked at the opening hours and read: Closed on Mondays. Not realising that today was actually Monday, I walked around and asked some security guards why it was closed. When they told me that it was closed because today was Monday, I felt a little emberassed and decided to go back to the office. I picked up my bikini and made a ‘nest’ on top of the roof.

I thought I was in heaven! (A heaven without internet, but still, heaven …) I only swam in the pool for about 5 minutes, but it felt great! Afterwards I just put myself on a big towel and tried to fall a sleep in the sun. Fortunatly I couldn’t and am now fairly tanned instead of red …