The battle between Humans and Machines

This morning I got to wake up at a decent hour: 9am! I checked out and dragged my suitcase to one of the Gaudi museum houses down the street. When I saw that I could get a student discount, I gave my 10% discount coupon to the Dutch people behind me in line (I figured they would probably appreciate it ;).Then I dropped my bag off at the same baggage drop off point as Friday and went to explore the city for the last time. This time I went to Park Guell to see what all the fuss was about. It was a beautiful park, but it was filled with tourist and I just didn’t like that. So I left the park and strolled down to the metro, bought a souvenir in one of the shops and went on my way to the botanical gardens (yes, the same ones I visited on Friday). I just lay there in the sun, the garden was almost completely empty and it was very relaxing. I should do that more often when I’m home, go to a park, but I guess most of them are also filled with people and I’m just not a people-person ;)Then it was time to pick up my suitcase and head over to the airport. Actually it was still very early and I wasn’t even able to check-in yet. At least, that’s what the check-in lady told me. When I went to one of the automatic boarding pass dispensers, it could check me in perfectly; Machines 1 – Humans 0!I had lunch at about 5.30pm and was forced to look at the couple across the table from me eating each other in stead of their food … My lunch was good though!After I passed security, I still had a few hours before my flight left, so what does a person do? Go shopping of course! Not that I actually bought anything …Oh, ever wanted to know what happens if you accidentally leave your iPhone on during a flight? Nothing … fortunately ;) Since we landed safely in Madrid airport. When I walked through the terminal, there was a woman shouting at one of of the stewardesses from an other flight. My guess is that she was late and of course it was the stewardess’s fault that the plane left on time …Then it was time to take the familiar metro home and sleep in my own bed!