Vamos a Sevilla

I got up this morning as usual; trying to get myself out of bed is the most horrible moment of my day! But I have things to do, so I dragged myself out of bed. I was still drowsy so I bumped my leg against the sofa and hit my arm against the door …

Then, a little later then normal, I was ready to go to the office, with my suitcase this time. When I got there, I saw that my colleagues had left me a little present on my desk. They had put an ancient IBM laptop where my MacBook normally is and connected the wires to it. Of course they were all laughing at me!

Then, a day as usual; checking classifieds and forums, and writing the guide. For lunch, we went out with the whole office (well, without Doyeon and Martin since they were both home sick). Simon had finally gotten through his 3 month old inbox and decided that he would celebrate by buying us lunch. Of course, if the boss joins you for lunch, there’s only work-talk, but it was OK.

In the afternoon, my package from DHL finally arrived! My Diggnation t-shirt and the wondersocks! I put them in my suitcase so I could take them to Sevilla.

I left work around 17h and went to the bus station. I had just enough time to go to the toilet and to buy some dinner; ensalada de queso y jamon. And now I’m typing my blog on the bus. I don’t have any internet, but I’ll upload it tonight when I arrive in Sevilla, which will be after midnight. Then I will finally see Elisa again!

Now of to watch some Ugly Betty!

UPDATE: 20h30: We’ve been driving for 2h30 now and we’ve just entered some beautiful mountains!

UPDATE: 02h00: I arrived in Sevilla around midnight, where Elisa and her tio (uncle) where waiting for me. It was great seeing her again! Then we drove to her pueblo, El Viso del Alcor, and met her mom, who of course made me a sandwich, which I finished at around 2h00 and then we went to bed (in my new Diggnation t-shirt!)