Does experience trump education?

I will graduate this year and am still doubting about what to do next year. At the moment, I see three options:

  • a job as Office Manager or something similar
  • a Master in Applied Economics: Marketing at university(3 or 4 more years of studying)
  • a Bachelor in Business Management: Marketing at college(1 or 2 more years of studying)

People who know me will say: “Evelien … work? No way!” But yes indeed, it is one of my options. The past year I have come to appreciate a steady income and would really welcome a monthly pay check! But then again I have also gained an interest in marketing and would really like to explore this subject by studying it.

So this leaves only two options: “To study four years or to study two years?”. My first thought was of course to go for the short route, but then I realized that in college I would never get as thorough a knowledge of marketing as I would in university. So the choice moved to university. Many people of course think I’m crazy for even considering this! And they’re probably right … but I think this will eventually get me higher up in the food chain ;)

Or maybe experience is more important than education?

There is a big debate about this and personally I think that at the moment it’s more important to have experience in what you’re doing than having the right degree for it. My father is living proof of that. And if even Donald Trump himself says so, then it must be true!

So at the moment I’m opting to go to college for 1 or 2 more years and then start working. I will probably change my mind a few more times on this … but right now this is my choice.

Oh and for those of you that haven’t noticed yet, I’m writing in English now. You can nag all you want but I like English and I have 2 English speaking blog-followers!