The Big Ask

Yesterday, Eline and me went to ‘Oostende beach’ to participate in The Big Ask campaign. The concept was to shoot a videoclip about global warming that will then be distributed through all sorts of viral channels like Youtube, etc. I was there mainly for the environment, Eline was there for fun ;) But it was a great day!

When we arrived, we saw a big group of people waiting on the beach. So we joined them and soon learned that when the film crew (led by Nic Balthasar) yelled ‘action’, we had to walk up the hill with a straight face and then start running. Of course, everyone started laughing and yelling while running op the hill, so there wasn’t much ‘real acting’ going on! That was done by Michael Pas (aka Kulderzipken) and some other lady-actress-person-that-I-don’t-know-the-name-of.

After that scene was shot, we went to the big podium and where told to all go stand in between the ropes, so from the sky the whole group of people actually made the letters: DON’T TALK. The concept was then to hold up a piece of blue paper and when the sign was given, everyone except for the D and O had to run away, so only DO remained. I think it’s a pretty cool concept and can’t wait to see the video!

After that, one group had to stand in the shape of a thermometer and another group had to be the mercury that was slowly filling up the thermometer. We got these blue pompoms and had to wave them around like crazy!

The Big Ask - ecology, life -

All this was done to the lovely tunes of DJ Axel Daeseleire, who surprisingly enough is pretty good and the atmosphere was great. Everyone was dancing and shaking. I had a great time!

The only thing I regret is that we weren’t there to see Gabriel Rios! I know Eline is tired of me constantly saying: “I hope we see Gabriel Rios today.”, “When do you think Gabriel Rios will be here?”, “If you see Gabriel Rios, let me know!”, etc … Yes, I’m a fan.

After Eline had inspected all the Port-O-Pottys we stopped at the Paulusfeesten on our way back to the train station and saw La Guardia Flamenca, which made me think about my trip back to Madrid tomorrow! I’ll be there soaking up the sun untill August 21!