Working Day

Yes indeed, I went to work this morning. My father dropped me off, introduced himself to my colleagues and then went back to my apartment. He came back at around 2pm to take Morgan, Manuel and me (the 3 Ms) out to lunch. When lunch was finished we had to get back to work so we left my father there with the rest of his bottle of wine. Apparently he had a long siesta, because when I came back from work he was sleeping in my room. I guess he needed a rest!

So I woke him up and we went grocery shopping in El Corte Ingles. Of course it took al bit longer than usual because the store is huge! And I found my favorite candy there! I’ll be going back there a lot!

After that we went out to Plaza Mayor and had dinner/tapas/’just a plate of ham and cheese’ with sangria in one of the local bars. There was live music, good food, good sangria … everything was good!

I think we went to bed around 1am again … not to bad for a night on the town with my father!