Fiesta Espanol II

When I left for Spain (the first time) I had a Spanish party with ‘pannenkoekas’ and ‘Overpoortas’. Apparently, I invented those words because … well, no one in Spain had ever heard of them ;) So I thought I’d try the Spanish party again, but do it right this time. Hence; Fiesta Espanol!

There was tortilla de patatas, empanadillas, chorizo, paella, sangria, etc. Some people even thought I was bringing Spanish weather to Belgium …

But I got a few positive comments on the cooking (for which I received some help from Eline and Laurens of course) and in the end it turned out that there was too much food, so I had paella left-overs for a few days!

We also played 2 games of ‘Who am I?”, where you get a post-it taped to your head and have to guess who/what’s on it, by asking yes/no questions. It’s actually a lot more fun than it sounds ;)

And this is my favorite picture of the whole night:

Fiesta Espanol II - life -