Statistics are cool!

I find it very amusing to read my website statistics sometimes and discover the strangest things there … Like yesterday, when someone apparently typed in ‘fistjen baven‘ in Google and ended op on my blog!

Now I’m not sure what I find more disturbing: the fact that the IP address indicated that it was originating from within the ‘Network Ministerie Volksgezondheid En Leefmilieu’ or the fact that the person working there was using a Vista machine ;)

Speaking of Windows … you really need to watch this promo video for Microsoft Songsmyth which actually features a Mac! Not that I have anything against Microsoft using a MacBook to make their promo video look better, but come on!

Actually, now that I think about it … this might be a very good trick, since it has caused me to blog about a Microsoft product, which isn’t something I normally do ;)

By the way, the promo video is ‘intentionally’ cheezy … enjoy ;)