How does fate work? I wonder …

Yesterday, I told my father that I would like to start playing the piano again. I once took lessons for a year but stopped because … I don’t remember why I stopped. Too lazy to practice I guess!

So yesterday, I joined my father at Jazzenede here in my little village, where nothing ever happens except for the occasional murder and domestic dispute. We don’t even have celebrities living here, like our neighbouring town does.

Anyway, as we were sitting down I ran into Charlotte, a former classmate of mine, and we started talking. She said that she was giving piano lessons these days and laughed while saying that if I needed any lessons, she could help me. I laughed back, saying that I might actually take her up on that offer!

So now I’m seriously considering taking paino lessons again … Not to be in a band or anything, just for fun :D Yes, the more I think about it, the better it sounds!